The Company was established in 2002 and is involved in numerous projects in the fields of document management, process management, tenders and writing of policies and procedures.

The company is involved in projects in the Civil Engineering field, industry and services. We have experience in leading projects from the design phase to the construction and the handover to the client. These include many stages including the project configuration – influenced by the contract, team, client and environment, creation of processes to service the project team in implementing the project and the preparation of supporting documents such as procedures, templates, coding system, document management system and more.

Bazelet Consulting works with experienced and capable personnel on the implementation of  the various projects.

Bazelet Consulting is active in the fields of:

  • Characterizing, establishing and managing of Document Control Centers
  • Services for tenders – management, response creation and tender production
  • Policies and Procedures – writing and implementing with specialty in the Civil Engineering sector

The company provides professional, efficient and competitive services to companies.


What is Documentation Management?

Documentation Management & Procedures is a field consisting of two main parts:
1.    Existing and implemented working procedures.
2.    An Information Management System to manage the relevant documentation for ongoing
       and archival uses.

Documentation Management & Procedures may be implemented on a process level, on a project level or on a company level according to needs.

Documentation Management is the administration of documents according to needs and types: commercial, legal, technical, correspondence etc. Correct Documentation Management has a critical effect and impact on business management with particular bottom line consequences.

Risk Management – ensuring the existence and availability of documents in case of force majeure, such as fire, floods or other damage that may occur to the archived documents.

Commercial repercussions – a missing document may cause substantial financial damage in a legal process and bring about unnecessary expenses.

Minimizing expenses – efficient and in place working procedures to manage the necessary processes increases savings.

Efficient resource allocation – executing processes with in place working procedures and a suitable Information Management System will enable pre planning and good resource allocation.

 Document availability – enables immediate availability of documents and the capability to retrieve a document according to preset attributes (e.g. Document code, Element type, Project section, Document type: RFI, contract, invoice, QA report etc.) thus saving precious time in search for needed documents.

Reporting and Tracking – an updated Information Management System enables the project's management to receive updated reports with regard to open correspondence, open tasks etc.

Proper Documentation Management has wide commercial implications. Correct management ensures that the documents, which have in themselves a commercial value, serve their purpose as part of the management's resources.

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